Pirjo Kangas, the author of the site AI for librarians, is currently a Fulbright scholar at the University of Maryland working with a professional project investigating artificial intelligence (AI) use cases in libraries.

Among the main questions behind my project are:

  1. How can libraries use AI (especially machine learning)?
  2. What should librarians know about AI, if anything?
  3. Should the libraries have a role in raising general awareness about AI and what could that role be?

I am also working with collecting learning materials for librarians about AI on this website. The site will list ideas on how librarians can learn about AI and also present some concrete AI use cases in libraries. The site is still a work in progress, and the first full version of the site will be published in December 2019. In the meanwhile, see the AI for librarians Zotero group for further reading about the topic.

Please contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter. I am also writing a blog (in Finnish) about my stay in the US. Read more about the Fulbright Finland Mid-Career Professional Program from Finland to U.S. here or learn about Fulbright Finland´s grant programs to Finland here.

Hear me talk in the US:

November 21, 2019: Rhode Island, RI+AI Meetup, University of Rhode Island
December 3, 2019: College Park, Maryland, STEM Library´s STEAM Salon
December 5, 2019: New York, Metropolitan Library Council
December 6, 2019: Washington DC, George Washington University