Here are some concrete examples of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning use cases in library settings. The list is not aiming at being all-encompassing, the idea is to list different kinds of examples! The links lead to websites of the AI or or conference presentations depending on what is available.

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Projects linked with library workflows

Automated subject indexing / classification:
Annif (Finnish National Library of Finland)
Machine Learning and the Dewey Decimal (The National Library of Norway): A) a conference presentation (NKOS 2019), B) a conference paper (IFLA WLIC 2018)

Oodi virtual information assistants (Headai): A) a customer story at Medium, B) a conference paper (IFLA WLIC 2019)

Pubmed: training a relevance search algorithm

Institutional repositories:
Hamlet (MIT Thesis collection)
Automated subject indexing (Annif) in JYX repository: a conference paper (2018)

Helsinki City Library´s AI-based intelligent material management system A) city of Helsinki press release (2019) B) Lyngsoe Systems press release

A study evaluationg methods for automatically classifying weeding candicates (dataset from Wesleyan University) A) master´s thesis, B) a journal article (not open access)

Projects linked with libraries supporting their community´s AI skills/awareness

Libraries supporting AI education:
Toronto Libraries bringing public awareness to AI and LM A) a webinar recording at Vimeo B) a learning circle advertisement on the library website

Libraries supporting AI exploration:
University of Rhode Island Library AI Lab
Maker Kits at Frisco Public Library

AI programs within libraries:
Stanford Libraries Library AI initiative

Art projects

Art projects in library spaces using AI:
The Laughing Room (The Cambridge Public Library, USA, 2018)
The Library´s Other Intelligence (Oodi, Helsinki, Finland, 2019)